Domestic Investments


    Thanks to its successful and systematic operations, Altınbaş Holding has shown a huge leap of growth in a very short period of time.

    Today Altinbas Holding is active in the fields of jewelry, finance, energy, logistics, sports and institutional social responsibility, and operates in 5 continents with almost 4 000 employees, who are directly recruited by the Holding, aspiring to add value to the economy of the country as it continues to grow from one day to the other.

    Altinbas Holding, which has had great successes in,

    Jewelry business with Altınbaş, Assos, Pera and Onsa brands,

    Finance sector with Creditwest Bank, Creditwest Factoring, Altınbaş Precious Metals, and Onsa Insurance,

    Energy market with Alpet and Atak mineral Oils,

    Logistics sector with Transal and Galata Maritime,

    Sports field with Göztepe Sports Club, and

    Institutional social responsibility with Istanbul Kemerburgaz University, continues to grow with a perspective on the future.


    İş Bank Group Companies and Altınhas Holding came together for the most prestigious project of the real estate industry: "Kasaba"...

    Altınhas Holding made another important breakthrough in the real estate improvement industry and became partners with one of the most credible establishments of Turkey, İş Bank Group Companies, to actualize the 3rd stage of the "Kasaba" project which is regarded as one of the first real estate project with a brand. The organization, which took the name İş | Altınhas with the partnership of the two reliable corporations, continues the 3rd stage of the KASABA project, which is the most perfect and comprehensive operation in Turkey in its field, right in the middle of an unspoiled nature, with its elaborately created houses and the original lifestyle it offers, just at a distance of 30 minutes from İstanbul, near Ömerli. Its 156 villas has been offered for sale within the scope of the KASABA project...

  • Vega Schools

    Vega Schools discover the competencies of each child to bring them up to be LEADERS in their chosen vocations without being alienated to their cultural values as they are prepared to take on a global world.

    Vega Schools has been established within the structure of Altinhas Holding to be a strong part of the Turkish education system. Vega Schools, which have been opened in the leadership of founders in possession of a successful background in education supported by a strong institutional infrastructure, started their operations to become one of the leading educational institutions not only in the area it is operational in but also across Turkey thanks to their international perspective.

    Vega Schools, which established their kindergarten, elementary and middle schools for the 2014-2015 education year, target to open their high school for education in the year its middle school gives its first graduates.

    The main objective of Vega Schools is to establish an education network that is known across the world, respected in the area of global education, has high educational standards and an international perspective, which lends power and inspiration to the children that are being educated.

    The main principle of Vega Schools is to accept change as given, and to continuously look forward into the future while educating the most important thing in the lives of parents, namely their children, as guided by ethical rules.


    Coquet Accessories, active in the field of accessory merchandising since 2005 and with more than 20 concept stores located both within the country and abroad, has been acquired by Altinhas Holding that has over two decades of experience in retail and brand name merchandising.

    Coquet, which combines fashion with accessories to create an authentic style, has become a leading brand in the sector offering its colorful designs ranging from jewelry to scarves, watches to handbags, gloves to hair accessories for the enjoyment of its customers bearing Coquet’s assurance of quality.

    Coquet Accessories, the brand favored by those who would like to capture the moment in fashion, aims to provide an unforgettable and unique shopping experience to its customers thanks to its products designed without any concessions from quality and with its store concept design based on universal brand merchandising standards as well as its service understanding focused on customer satisfaction.

    Coquet, which has been rapidly increasing the number of its concept stores that are mainly located in shopping centers and on main streets, continues to operate to fulfill its objective of becoming the leading retail conglomerate in Turkey and the world in the accessory brand merchandising field.



    Altınhas Holding invested in the real estate sector by establishing Altinhas Gayrimenkul in the year 2010.

    Altinhas Gayrimenkul, established on a strong foundation with a team of people experienced in the sector, embarked on its business with the purpose of becoming a leading name in its sector; supported by an institutional culture that targets success all the time. The primary company goal is to follow the developing areas in real estate sector and to build long standing structures in projects that would create value for our economy.

    Altinhas Gayrimenkul, which to become an architect and leader of a system that is sensitive to the environment and humans as well, contributes to social development, erecting the technological buildings of the future. Altinhas Gayrimenkul targets to establish a portfolio that could be converted into a real estate investment trust, by undertaking many projects involving residences, shopping centers, offices as well as a combination of all the above at correct locations.


    Final Asset Management Company, which became operational in 2011 after obtaining its operating permit as per a resolution of BDDK on the subject, was acquired by Altinhas Group in the year 2012 under permission from BDDK.

    The subjects of operation of the company are as follows;

    To purchase, and sell the receivables and other assets of banks and other financial institutions, to perform the collection of the receivables purchased from their debtors, to convert its assets into cash or have these re-structured and sold,

    To operate, lease or invest in the real estate or other goods, rights and assets acquired for purposes of receivable collection within the scope of collecting the receivables and/or restructuring of other assets,

    To provide additional financing to the debtors or perform any activity including the participation in their capital for purposes of collecting its receivables,

    To provide advisory and intermediary services in restructuring the receivables and other assets of banks and other financial institutions,

    To provide advisory services to companies in the field of institutional and financial restructuring.

    is to follow the developing areas in real estate sector and to build long standing structures in projects that would create value for our economy.


    Final Alacak Yönetim Şirketi (Final Asset Management Company) was founded in 2013 under Altınhas Holding to provide 'End-to-End Collection Services' to all firms and institutions in finance and real sectors.

    Having established a great team by bringing its strong intelligence basis together with its diligently-picked Collections Team and lawyers with top-notch expertise in the Enforcement Law, the main focus of Final Alacak Yönetim is to realize your collections through smooth and trusted methods.

    Final Alacak Yönetim manages the collection processes of its clients in a result-oriented manner thanks to its wide experience in collections in addition to its strong ties with banks and law offices across Turkey; and the Company continues its business with a view to becoming a part of its clients' teams.



    Altınhas Holding plans to make important investments in the finance sector with its vast financial experience and the power it derives from its specialization in the area of investments.

    It took its first step in this direction by acquiring Ak Factoring in the year 2011. Its determination to establish a strong financial group within the scope of its organization played an important role in this acquisition.

    The basic objective of Ak factoring, whose operating system and organizational structure were renewed and developed by Altinhas Holding with the support of deep rooted institutional culture of the Holding, ensures the satisfaction of its customers, employees and shareholders as a financial institution contributing to the operation of the economy.

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