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    The most comprehensive manufacturing facility established in Ethiopia...

    Else Textile; is one of the most comprehensive manufacturing facilities that has been established in Ethiopia in possession of 140,000 m2 indoor operating area used for manufacturing of cotton gin and yarn weaving in partnership with Altinhas Holding.

    Else Textile that has been established with the objective of manufacturing 1,500 tons of yarn and 1,700 tons of woven fabric per month continues its operations at full speed.

    Else Textile that provides employment to 1,500 people with a capacity to employ 4,000 as the project reaches the level targeted, is not just an investment that adds value to the economies of both countries but is also a social responsibility project that would contribute to the improvement of the welfare of the population of Ethiopia and as such the operations are continued at full speed.



    The most comprehensive agricultural facility established in Ethiopia...

    Omo Valley Company has been established under the same partnership structure as Else Textile for purposes of manufacturing cotton, selling the cotton manufactured both in the country and abroad, meeting raw material requirements of Else Textile Factory as an enterprising effort of Altinhas Holding in agricultural manufacturing oriented to industry.

    Omo Valley Company has been established in the valley of its namesake that includes Omo River, which is the life blood of the region. The company has been founded to carry out agricultural operations on an area of 270 million square meters. One of the medium term business objectives of the company is to increase the area of manufacturing to 450 million square meters.

    It is targeted to achieve a yield higher than the total annual cotton manufacturing volume of Turkey when the project reaches the desired size employing 2,000 people manufacturing 500,000 tons of cotton utilizing 100% mechanized agricultural processing.

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