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The secret of success for us is to have an in-depth understanding of the prevailing conditions to develop accurate strategies...

Since the crisis that emerged in the US Markets in the year 2008, the world economy and balance of forces, which displayed a stagnant picture for many years, have gone through significant changes. And although we could say there have been some improvements in the European economy that were influenced by the crash in the US and depicted quite a bleak picture and had challenging times; for the last 2 years, since 2011, it is still too early to talk about a positive environment. In the aftermath of cascading crises, we see that the developing economies, which are the driving force behind the world economy, are going through uncertain times.

The world economy is not only affected by the economic status of individual states anymore, but the dynamism observed in domestic and foreign political processes have become a determinant factor, as well. The disturbances experienced in some Middle Eastern countries led to polarizations in political, governmental and economic fluctuations across the world. Due to its location, our country has been going through more challenging times in comparison to the other developing countries, during these hard times. Turkey on one hand is required to sustain its existing economic relations with the troubled countries of close proximity while maintaining its economic stability by taking fast and accurate measures in the face of the negative economic fluctuations taking place in Europe.

As the world seeks to achieve stability both in the global economy and international relations in the near future, we, as Altınhas Holding, maintain our belief in our country’s ability to overcome difficulties and high investment potential. The measures that have been taken in the aftermath of the 2001 crisis and the experience acquired in situations like this by all relevant sectors, particularly by the banking sector, play an important role in the success our country in overcoming the effects of the present crisis compared to the performance of developed countries. We are of the belief that Turkey will take the necessary measures to narrow down its current account deficit and achieve financial stability to sustain its economic growth in a period where the variables and risks in the world economy increase while individual economies cause greater repercussions upon each other.

We believe in the power our country holds...

As Altınhas Holding, we diligently analyze the facts of the period we go through and aspire to take the most accurate decisions where our investments are concerned, in the light of our past experiences as well as the uncompromising principles that make up our corporate cornerstones.

Thanks to our investments we have maintained our pioneering and leading position in the sectors we operate in for more than six decades. This has been possible thanks to our accurate interpretation of the future as well as the correct steps we have taken in all the areas we operate in the light of the careful analysis of the developments and changes taking place independently both in the world and our country. We always based our operations on a sustainable and lasting vision of success.

Today, as Altınhas Holding, we take pride in creating sustainable institutions and leading brands through our operations in the fields of finance, retail and education in the country and agricultural and textile industry in international markets.

As Altınhas Holding, we emphasized the interests of our business partners in the environment of trust and success that we created. In return we have always been very proudly aware of their confidence and belief in our Group along with their willingness to work with us. As we continue on our path employing a model that helps the prosperity and contributes to the happiness of our business partners, we, as always, place great importance in the happiness of our employees.

As Altınhas Holding we will continue our operations guided by a fast, robust and sustainable growth strategy as we contribute to the increase in market diversity in the ever-growing and developing world economy. We are determined to enhance the reputation of our country in the international arena by means of our overseas investments as we contribute to the development of the Turkish economy.

Sincerely yours,


Chairman of the Board of Directors

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