Our Investment Strategy

Altinhas Holding that continues to put into practice the investment plans in different sectors will maintain its policy of expanding its field of activities by investing in new or existing companies through outright purchases or purchases handled by means of strategic partnerships of majority stock or alternatively entering into partnerships or acquiring partnerships in firms in different sectors by investing in minority shares of the companies planning on going public.

The consistent and unwavering objective of Altınhas Holding is to be able to add value to the economies of the markets and countries that it operates in, while continuing its efficiency focused growth aided with its successful and systemized operations. Altinhas Holding, which continues to realize the investment plans oriented to a variety of sectors one by one, also looks out for new investment opportunities to take advantage of.

Altınhas Holding invests in new or existing companies by either acquiring their majority shareholding or entering into strategic partnerships. However, as a holding, it is also open to the opportunities to invest in minority shareholding of companies, which are planning to go public. As such the Holding will continue to expand its field of operations by establishing partnerships with or carrying out acquisitions of companies in different sectors.

Aiming to create market leader brands with its

Experience accumulated over a period of six decades,

Its financial power,

A network of wide reaching connections, and Institutional management experience of international quality

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