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Altinhas Holding has been established with the purpose of creating market leader brands at international standards based on their institutional management experience. As the company continues to grow, oriented to profitability based on its successful and systemic operations, it also adds value to the markets and economies of the countries it is operational in. Altinhas Holding is at the same time the major shareholder in Altinbas Holding that has over six decades of experience in its sector.

The secret of success of Altinhas Holding, established under the pioneering efforts of Mr. Imam ALTINBAS, who is one of the leading founders of Altinbas Holding and thanks to his strong experience and accumulation of knowledge in investments, lies in its ability to understand the prevailing conditions and develop the respective strategy accordingly.

Altinhas Holding, which continues to operate on the basis of this basic philosophy, is one of the strongest and most reliable institutions in Turkey with operations in finance, education, retail and real estate in the country and agricultural and textile industry abroad.

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